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Dear Sir:

I received the email from Liberty regarding your dispute with NBC Universal. I obviously do not know the details of your dispute, but I do have a few observations:

(1) In the email, Liberty calls NBC Universal a "bully". I find that kind of language unproductive, unprofessional, and immature. When you are trying to resolve a business transaction, there should be no name calling. What I want to see from Liberty is a sense of responsibility and maturity. You will not earn my respect if you simply portray yourself as a victim.

(2) The email states that you want costs "in line with the reality of the Puerto Rican market". Here's my reality: I pay more for cable in Puerto Rico than I did in Minnesota, but my Minnesota cable company never had a dispute regarding transmission fees. This begs a question: why do you have a dispute over transmission fees when your rates are higher than in the states ? And please don't use the excuse of a hurricane of almost two years ago - it's a tired excuse, to be honest.

I subscribe to Liberty to watch MSNBC. If this channel is not available to me, why should I continue with Liberty ? Have you thought about how many subscribers you might lose because of the lost channels ?

This situation should have never gotten this far. You have an obligation to provide the services that people paid for. It's a matter of credibility. At this point, you are not serving your customers well.